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Sat-Thu, 10am-8pm

Sat-Thu, 10am-8pm

inavase Wholesale Flowers Kuwait

Wholesale Flowers

Fresh quality flowers imported for you
inavase floral subscription Kuwait. (Flower subscription Kuwait)

Seasonal Bundle

From 60.000 KD

Birds Of Paradise

1.750 KD

Eryngium Magnetar Questar

12.500 KD

Corey Black Tie

1.500 KD

Cortaderia Dyed

2.000 KD

Capsicum X-mas (Pepper)

20.000 KD
Out of stock

Rosa Garden Toffee

25.000 KD
Out of stock

Phalaenopsis Dyed Brown

8.500 KD
Out of stock

Peony Sarah Bernardt

22.500 KD
Out of stock

Calla Captain Beretta

From 6.000 KD
Out of stock

Cosmoss Black Beauty

4.000 KD
Out of stock

Tulip Painted Soft Caramel

8.000 KD
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